Alleppey:'backwater paradise"

Head into the ‘backwater paradise’ of Kerala, settle inside the comforts of a well decked houseboat and just let yourself experience the beauty of the lovely Islands, the inviting lush green paddy fields and the several beautiful coconut grooves. Enjoy the seclusion provided by the vastness of the backwaters and get intimate with the destination also known as the ‘Venice of the East’.One of the few well planned and designed towns in the state of Kerala, Alleppey is dotted with networks of several canals which provide a glimpse into the local lifestyles and also provide access to the surrounding waters. The time spent in Alleppey will always be exceptional due to the unique mode of travelling through the water bodies and being able to experience the sunrise and sunset while floating around, munching on local delicacies and relishing the privacy offered by the houseboat. As the speciality of the intimate experiences while floating around is something to be realised only this serene location, Alleppey has been a front-runner destination of The Indian Journeys  for a long time.  Alleppey also offers accommodation in well designed resorts and if anyone yearns for a quick break, the wonderful beach nearby is the ideal place to unwind.