Delhi tourism takes the visitors to innumerable historical sites, which are an abode of rich architectural heritage. Extreme temperatures dominate the city skies. October to March is the ideal season to visit Delhi and is also the peak season. Delhi is located at the end of western Gangetic plain. The city bears a rich cultural heritage. The monuments, forts and gardens are some of the Delhi Tourism attractions,

which give a taste of the varied culture. Travel to Delhi unfolds the city’s unparalleled picturesque beauty. It gives an overview of the city’s glorious history. The historical sites majestically speak of the city being ruled by rulers of various dynasties. Besides the Delhi Tourism attractions, the shopping bazaars are also worth visiting. They deal in various types of merchandise and offer some of the finest collections of embroidery and jewelry. Kinari and Zardozi are the predominant forms of embroidery practiced by the craftsmen. On the other hand Kundan and Meenakari are traditional jewelries available at the shopping markets. Chandni Chowk is an ideal place to shop in Delhi. The Indian Journeys have some business relationship with best hotels in delhi. They arrange high- end service to the customers along with modern amenities matching the contemporary lifestyle. The hotels also arrange for sightseeing in Delhi and its neighboring areas. Reaching Delhi is very easy. One can avail of the air and land transport to reach Delhi. Delhi tourism takes the visitors through the city’s glorious past rich in art and culture.