If it is a long suspense filled jungle trail, a never before experienced sojourn inside a cozy tree top with a panoramic view of the wild life beneath, an uncanny zest for heritage and tribal life, an unquenchable yearn to be surrounded by the dense forests, a wish to climb massive rocky mountains, a run through the wide grass lands, a wish to get immersed for hours in  pools of crystal clear water in the bottom of an enchanting waterfall or a wish to get exhausted by an adventurous trek through the difficult terrains,   Waynad is the place to savour it all. Waynad  has shades of mystery ingrained in it’s past and this makes the destination a special one for Kerala Honeymoon deals. The uniqueness of the place due to the presence of ancient structures and evidences of lost cultures amid breathtaking greenery creates a feeling of being wrapped around by the splendours of nature.
Without a second thought, pack the bags and reach this wonderful destination for unforgettable experiences. Waynad among all the other locations in Kerala is the most vibrant, exotic, mysterious and filled to the brim with a multitude of fantastic options for the senses to feast and rejuvenate. Steeped in an interesting multi layered history, blessed with a unique beauty created by it’s ample dense vegetation, water bodies, wild life and also a greatly productive agricultural heritage, Waynad derives it’s name from the historical name ‘Vayal Nadu’ which means the ‘land of the paddy fields’. Nestled among the great mountain ranges of the Western Ghats in the North part of Kerala, Waynad has more than 800 sq. km of rich forest land. Rightly suited to be called as an adventure seeker’s paradise, Waynad is home to two wildlife reserves. The forests of Muthanga and Tholpetty preserves rich biodiversity and is home to animals such as Elephant, Leopard, Tiger, Barking Deer, Sambar, different species of monkeys and a wide variety of butterflies and birds.
A multitude of historic Hindu temples,the Jain temple constructed in the 13th century situated at Sulthan Bathery, the 300 year old Korome mosque, the ancient Edakkal caves, Pookote lake, Sentinel rock falls,Kanthanpara waterfalls, Sunrise waterfalls, Kuruva Island and Karalad Lake are some of irresistible attractions of Waynad.

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